Masizakhe Community Pre-School, in Site B, Khayelitsha, was started in 1986 by Doreen Bophe in her one‐bedroom home, when she saw a need for the pre‐school children in her neighbourhood to be looked after and educated. In 1987 she moved house, moving the school with her, and the school remains at this address today.

The school started with around 30 children being looked after by Doreen. Over the years, it has grown to between 150 and 200 children and 11 teachers and carers. The school also has volunteers that work as part of learnerships or part of community volunteering.

The school serves as a place of safety for older children, a place for them to do their homework after school, or a place for them to hang out (and help out) while they wait for their parents to get home from work.  On Sunday the school building serves as a church hall and community centre.

Wish List

Our Wish List is a long one, so please click on the “continue reading” button below to see if there is anything you are no longer using that may benefit the school, or anything you can add to your monthly shop for the school. Donations details are also in this article, should you not be in Cape Town.

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Coming soon!

We will be putting details of the teachers and carers at Masizakhe on this page, so that you know a little something about the people who work so hard at the school.


Shoebox Day 02 december 2017

Masizakhe was a beneficiary of Shoeboxes of Love this year, and we thank them for their hard work in arranging 184 boxes for the children at the school.  We have selected quite a few pictures to show you below, and you can see more pictures in our Dropbox folder.


We are privilleged to have a few companies and individuals host events for the school, such as gifts at the end of the year, and outings or special days in July. We will post pictures of these events as they occur.

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