Shoebox Day 02 december 2017

Masizakhe was a beneficiary of Shoeboxes of Love this year, and we thank them for their hard work in arranging 184 boxes for the children at the school.  We have selected quite a few pictures to show you below, and you can see more pictures in our Dropbox folder.

We collected the boxes on 18th November, and Candi stored them until we could deliver them to the school.

The big day was on 2nd December, and we started early, packing the boxes into vehicles in Claremont and driving them through to the school.  We were ready to start at 9am.

The pictures below were taken by Candi inside the school building, as each child was given their box.

These pictures were taken by Marco, who attends every year to take pictures of the children.

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The teachers also have a lot of fun, and they received hampers sponsored by the Happy Ethan Project.

Some of the children weren’t able to attend on Saturday, so over the next few days they received their boxes.

THANKS to all who made this day possible:

  • The Shoeboxes of Love project: Tracey and her Operation Shoebox team
  • The Masizakhe fundraising committee: Sam and Candi
  • Those who helped move boxes and hand out boxes: Felicity and Merle
  • Providers of snacks: Margot, Miriam, Jenny & Hamish
  • For the teachers’ hampers: The Happy Ethan Project
  • Our Photographer, Marco
  • Those who pledged cash donations: Sharon, Helen
  • And of course to Doreen, the school principal, and all of the staff at the school